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About Integrative Family NP LLC

Integrative Family NP LLC  is a Nurse Practitioner based Primary Care practice combining traditional Western Medicine approaches with Integrative and Holistic approaches.   At Integrative Family NP L.L.C., we strive to listen to the patient, gain an understanding of who YOU are so that we may better help guide you in your health and wellness.  Our goal is to provide a whole centered approach to care utilizing a patient provider treatment plan.

Integrative Holistic Medicine = patient-centered, healing-oriented care with a focus on patient-caregiver relationship. Least invasive, least toxic, and least costly methods to promote health and wellbeing utilizing various practices including but not limited to Complementary Alternative medicine (CAM) and conventional/traditional Western medicine.

Lets treat the whole you!

About Me

About Me

Katherine Grote MSN FNP-C, HIHC-CSp

Katherine Grote has been working as a Family Nurse Practitioner since March 2019.  She has experience working with newborns to geriatric patients. 

  • Over 12 years experience as a Nurse. 

    • As a medical professional, her philosophy of evaluation, treatment, and care of a patient should be multi-faceted.  Treating the “whole” person, not just a disease. 

  • 2018 obtaining a Master’s Degree in Science and Nursing Specializing in Family Medicine (treating all ages across the lifespan). 

    • Loves trying to and usually solving complex issues and improving health with complex health situations. ​

  • 2023 Completed a certificate program to become a Certified Specialist in Holistic and Integrative Health Care (HIHC-CSp) for healthcare Providers.    

Katherine's Practice Style

1.  Listening to the patient. 

My job as a provider is to listen to a patient, get to know them, take in the facts (history), perform an evaluation/assessment, then, based off this information, develop a treatment plan with options, collaborating with the patient to ensure an attainable and agreeable treatment plan that is right  for the patient. I am a huge advocate for those who want to try : meditation/breathing exercises, exercise regimen, dietary changes, supplements, or other Complementary Alternative Medicine prior to traditional medication.  I personally use: breathing exercises and meditation, reviewing nutrition, stress, sleep routines to improve areas that can cause disruption in our energy flow and wellness. 


2. Laid back

Do not confuse this with lack of knowledge. I am "old fashioned" with some things but updated on current health topics, concerns, treatment approaches (and not just, "here's a pill"; instead, lets try meditation, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture/acupressure, etc).  I like my patient visits to be comforting, and calm so that you as the patient, feel comfortable to express yourself and that I can learn who you are to help optimize your care. 

3. I LOVE to teach. I want my patients to understand their health, health prevention and wellness, health disease or condition and treatment options both common and alternative for optimal treatment.  Understanding health assists one in compliance, better understanding means improved communication and better outcomes. Lets work together to figure out you and your health!


American Institute of Health Care Professionals

            Holistic & Integrative Health Care Specialist Certification

Indiana State University

            Master of Science in Nursing

            Specialty Focus: Family Nurse Practitioner 

                                         Newborn through Geriatrics

Regis University

            Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Certifications and Memberships

CPR, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED) Certified.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Board Certified

Maryland Board of Nursing Certified

Member American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Holistic & Integrative Health Care Certified Specialist in (HIHC-CSp)

Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce Member

Maryland Chamber of Commerce


Fee Schedule/Cost









Home Visit         15 - 29 Minutes                       $150

                  - Follow up

                  - Acute/Sick Visit    

Home Visit         30 - 44 Minutes                         $200

                  - Follow up

                  - Acute Visit    

Telemedicine Visit    10 - 14 minutes                    $30

                  - Follow up 

                  - Acute/Sick 


Telemedicine Visit     15 - 29 minutes                    $50

                  - Follow up

                  - Acute/Sick

Telemedicine Visit  30 - 44 minutes                        $100

                  - Follow up

                  - Acute/Sick Complex

WellsviewCare Collaborative Session       *Call for rates

                    - A Western Medicine Provider and

                    - Complimentary Alternative Medicine Provider


Wellsview Care appointment with Nurse Practitioner:

15 - 29 minutes                $50

  - Follow up

   - Acute/Sick

30 - 44 minutes              $100

- Follow up

                  - Acute/Sick Complex

45 - 59 minutes                $150

- Follow up

60 - 74 minutes                $200

- Follow up

75 - 89 minutes                  $250

- Follow up

90 - 104 minutes                 $300

- Follow up

105 - 120 minutes                $350

- Follow up

*Spanish Translation available upon request and availability.

*Local Residents, no additional charge for Home Visit; cost based off Telemedicine Visit Fee Schedule; Call for determination of "local".

*Please call for availability of a house call. House calls must have a legal guardian or parent present if evaluation of child AND consent to treat minor must be signed prior to start of evaluation.Treating Provider has the right to terminate appointment at any time for any reason.


Payment is due at time of evaluation. Fees are non-refundable.  

Telemedicine visits 

- Acceptable for most visits. Audio or video appointments available. 

- RXNT is the current electronic medical record (EMR) system. 

- is integrated in. No apps to download. Meeting at a click of a button! Scheduling based off time and availability. If you prefer, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp these are also options please notify provider at time of scheduling which virtual platform you would prefer. 

- Telemedicine limited to certain states given licensing restrictions. Please call for further questions.

Health Insurance

-  We do not currently accept health insurance for reimbursement of services. However, please do use your health insurance for blood work (labs), medications, specialists, or imaging referrals.

- If you have out of network coverage on your health insurance policy. I provide all patients with a detailed billing statement for reimbursement.  You would submit detailed billing statement to your insurance policy for reimbursement.  If you needed assistance with this, please let provide know at time of appointment. 

*Percent reimbursement subject to your health insurance policy coverage.  Please contact your health insurance agency for further questions on reimbursement for health care services. 


Cash, Check, all major credit cards

*Payment requested at time of service, within a 72 hour period please. 

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.


Please consider utilizing a local community based/Small Business for Complementary Alternative Practices as well. Like an Acupuncturist, Acupressure, Nutritionist, Mind/Body/Reiki Professional, Prayer groups, Mom's groups, Yoga, Tai Chi, or a Health/Life Coach to name a few. 

Consulting under WellsviewCare LLC at Wellsview Cottage in Annapolis. 611 & 613 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401


Treatment Rooms Left Door as marked.

Studio Right Door as marked. 

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